FAA Certified Remote pilot

Reach Films (Geoff Fagien) is an FAA licenced and approved Drone pilot under part 107. Flying with us, makes sure you are getting the shots that you want safely and legally by professionals. If you are interested in booking with us please contact us as soon as possible, as depending on where the location is that you wish to have video or pictures taken, waivers may be needed to be requested on our end from the FAA to make sure we are flying safely.

Aerial Videography and Photography

We provide high quality cinematic aerial video in 4k as well as 1080. We offer videography for Commercials, music videos, real estate, Hotels, commercial real estate, and much more!

We also specialize in Action sports and Car videography for certain enthusiasts who want their skills or accomplishments documented in amazing 4k.

For pictures, with the latest in drone technology we offer stunning 20MP images great for any billboard, print ad or even being able to crop pieces of the image out that you want and keeping great quality and detail.

Inspections and mapping

From bridge, tower or building inspections we offer competitive rates.

We can also map & measure areas under construction to give quick and accurate readings to make the entire process easier for all parties involved.

Condo Example:

Golf Course Example: